About NBG

Nano Bio Graphite

Nano Bio-Graphites is a Pioneer in joining the farm & forest economy with Futuristic technology for utilizing Bio-Carbon in the mainstream materials to be utilized for making advanced battery materials. With the concept of, “Zero Carbon Footprint”, NBG shall help in sequestering carbon from the atmosphere, rather it shall help HOLISTICALLY in curbing the pollution, making the soils richer in Carbon, thus reducing or completely avoiding the usage of Agrochemicals by solving health issues & paving a cost-effective way to utilize Thermal Heat for thermal cooling & heating, bringing sustainability for Energy production & Energy storage. It is our humble effort to infuse, Socio-Economic Sustainability by achieving the target of Changing Fossil Fuel Economy to Bio-Economy by sticking to a Zero Carbon Footprint Policy.

About NBG

The Chairman’s note

Chairman’s note There was a time when we could call & talk to each other for about a Kilometre & in winters a Siberian bird could be heard up to three Kilometres. On a clear day after rains, we could see the Himalayas clearly up to 70 odd Kilometres [as a crow fly]. During the Pandemic curfew, we saw the proof & lots of photos were viral on social media. We saw the proof of mankind’s advancement & progress. It is said that every negative has a positive & we have experienced during the recent Pandemic, Human being is forced to analyse the ‘Present’ we are living. Not many people believed what was said about the climate, pollution of all kinds, Eco &Economics. God gave us time to rethink ourselves & our ways of living. We just can’t be living off Nature, we need to live with Nature. Heavenly Farms the parental company of NBG, realized it some thirty years ago when it started ORGANIC FARMING. Over time, with the process of learning, starting from the goal of Sustainability finally setting the benchmark of, “Changing the Fossil-Fuel Economy into Bio-Economy”. With time we realized that at the moment to curb the pollution of all kinds, we need to address the ‘Biomass issue’ first & foremost & that too in a productive manner. A Shloka from Shukraneeti says that “Everything within the Nature is made with a purpose & nothing is a waste”. We started to explore all possible angles to utilize the biomass in every possible way & one of the ways was to work on Biomass Gasification. We started working on the project by 2004/5 at our farm premises with our limited resources only. Our concept was to achieve, ‘Zero Carbon Footprint without any waste’. With Almighty’s Grace, we have been successful in achieving it. The result is,’ Nano Bio-Graphites’.