About NBG

Nano Bio-silica

Nano-SiO2 is a white fluffy powder composed of high purity amorphous silica powder. Because of its small particle size, nano-SiO2 has the advantages of large specific surface area, strong surface adsorption. Nano silica played an irreplaceable role in medicine, it is used to modify the dispersion and plasticity of cement concrete, Used as a strengthening, vitrification and binding agent for both ceramic & enamel and glaze. Also a high heat binding agent for engineer-grade ceramics and refractory materials.

Modifier of nano-composite materials used as an inorganic adhesive agent at high temperature; Use as filling additive into rubber/polymer composite materials for strengthening, shaping. In addition, can be used as an engineering material for various resins; Quality FRP corrosion-resistant filler. Engineering shielding, radiation prevention, invisibility, conductivity, and bacteria prevention; Conductive for chemical absorption, catalysis, and enhancement. Energy storage filler for solar cells and power batteries.