About NBG

Few / Multilayer Graphene

We have developed our indigenous technology to produce Few layers (2-10 layers) of graphene and multilayer graphene, the multilayer graphene also known as Graphene Nanoplatelets. With our technology, we can produce multilayer graphene on a mass scale for various suitable applications and this technology has nearly zero carbon footprint. It is important to think of graphene not as a standalone material with superlative properties, but as a unique nanomaterial additive that can dramatically enhance how other materials perform. To date, more than 40 major vertical application areas have been identified where graphene can make a significant impact, across the full spectrum of commercially available graphene materials. One of the most developed application areas is the addition of graphene to plastics and composites to add strength, electrical conductivity or to improve thermal transport. By adding very small amounts of bulk graphene materials or graphene Nanoplatelets well under 1% by weight, the strength of certain plastics and composites can be enhanced by 30–40% or much more as measured using Young’s modulus.